“Meet Your Budget,  Exceed Expectations”   



1. General Freight Forwarding Services                              


 - Airfreight  

    We provide cost effective air freight services with the best results.

It also provides full-service process from delivery to the airport, customs procedures, load, etc.

Until the track for delivery at the destination to ensure that every product that comes to your customers smoothly in your hand.






     We provide a full range of marine transportation. Working closely with a handful of service providers to increase the level of quality service. It also provides logistics solutions to its. And the best. That will help your business grow and stay competitive in today's competitive market.
     Covering  General cargo , DG , Perishble cargo , Oversizes cargo .





 - Customs Clearance   - DDU ,DDP , Import , Export 



 - Warehouses - Free zones,  Bonded warehouse.


 - Indo-China  Cross-Border transport. ie  Laos , Myanmar , Cambodia 



 - Packaging

   We provide all types of packaging and other products.


 - Machinery Packing /Unpacking - Own team with experiences of Packing & Lashing .

 - Cargo Insurance
   We will find you a good price to ensure that best suits your needs and provide you with the ordering.


 - Personal belongings / Relocation 


 - Logistics Consulting  ie BOI ,  19 BIS